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Accurate Analytical Solution To Your Industrial Pollution

Need of Hour :
The man has in recent Times explored & taken the process field to all time new heights with modern techniques of Manufacturing as compared to last 2-3 decades. In return he has created a grate damage to the Environment in form of various Pollutants in the atmosphere that has a adverse impact on the Surrounding Environment in form of climatic changes, Global warming, Acid rains, increasing Sea water level etc. These impacts need to be monitored & measured for its occurrence & abatement measures are to be studies & implemented. However adopting environment friendly process techniques is the need of the hour.

Establishment :
Keeping in mind the industrial growth in various technical Fields, process developments etc & in turn the developments on the overall Environment in terms of Environmental Pollution in the form of Water Pollution, Hazardous Waste (M&H), Solid Waste Noise Pollution etc. our Laboratory was established under banner name ‘ACCURATE ANALYSERS PVT. LTD.’

The company was established in the year 1986-87 with the prominent aim of providing authentic & accurate analytical services in the field of Environment monitoring services to various industries sectors.

Our Organisation & Infrastructure :
The company has well equipped task force with highly skilled staff from Environmental Analytical field, with varied experience in analysis of Waste, Waste Water, Air pollutants, Hazardous waste & allied process parameters etc. Highly qualified Staff includes M. Sc. & B. Sc. in Analytical Chemistry for carrying out the above analysis. AAPL is equipped with all the latest thoroughly calibrated analytical instruments for the analysis of various effluent. Air & Hazardous pollutants etc.

ACCURATE ANALYSERS, the name itself confesses that company believes in accurate analysis of what so ever testing / analysis are carried out regarding the Environmental Pollution Monitoring, there by providing the true levels of Pollution parameters which are a must design criteria for designing Pollution abatement measure / systems & information tool representing the overall environmental performance of the industry as per ISO 14001-EMS requirement.

We are in process of getting NABL accreditation for our Laboratory.

Our Esteem Clientele Base :
• Perfect Circle India. Ltd.
• Mahindra Sona Ltd.
• Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
• Hindustan Hardy Spicer Ltd.
• M B Sugar & Pharma Ltd.
• Glenmark Pharma Ltd.
• Ventura Textiles Ltd.
• Hindustan Lever Ltd.
• Gabriel India Ltd.
• Lear Seating Pvt. Ltd.
• KSB Pumps Ltd.
• Hindalco Aluminum Ltd.
• General Mills Ltd.
• MICO Ltd.
• Hotel Taj Residency
• CEAT Tyres Ltd.
• Graphite India Ltd., And Many More….

We Are Specialized In :
Water / Effluents Analysis
• Drinking / Microbiological Water Analysis
• Raw water & Waste Water Analysis
• Sewage / Domestic, Effluent Analysis

Air Pollution Monitoring
• Ambient / Work-place Air Monitoring
• Boiler, DG-Stack, Process Stacks Air Emission Monitoring

Noise Level Monitoring, Soil Analysis, Hazardous Waste Analysis, Oil Analysis, Leachate Sample Analysis, Metal Analysis, Electroplating Bath Solution Analysis

Mission :
To be a prominent laboratory in field of Environmental monitoring and analysis by providing all industrial and commercial establishment with technically upgraded. cost effective and timely Analytical Services.

Your only one Source of Accurate Analytical Solution for Pollution level….

Your suggestion / inquiries are appreciated in this regard as we are having only one Mother Earth. Let us share it and preserve it to make a better place to live.