We offer technically advanced pressure sand filter and carbon filters that
are proficiently utilized in various industries in water treatment
applications. Our pressure sand and carbon filters provide absolutely
optimal water treatment as these are based on advanced technology.
We utilized only high quality raw material that enable us to manufacture
long lasting pressure sand & carbon filters.



We offer highly effective sludge dewatering system – filter press which is a solid liquid separation device. This device works on the principle of pressure feeding due to which it delivers optimum output at the site of installation. This system comprises of a series of filter plates and frames or recessed plates which are arranged alternately. A feeding pump is used to force liquid through the medium leaving solid particles trapped inside. Our filter presses have various features such as:

• Less cost of installation
• Easy to operate
• Easy to maintenance
• Long service life
• Maximum filtration efficiency
• Low maintenance cost
Available sizes are :
• 305mm X 305mm
• 760mm X 760mm
• 1000mm X 1000mm
• 1500mm X 1500mm
• 460mm X 460mm
• 800mm X 800mm
• 1175mm X 1225mm
Circular sizes odds :
• 610mm X 610mm
• 915mm X 915mm
• 1200mm X 1200mm


We offer effective and feasible technical consultation for simulation and

modeling of waste-water and sewage treatment plants. Our consultancy

service covers development of designs for such sewage treatment plant

that are extensively utilized by municipal corporations and / or industrial

establishments. For this purpose, we proficiently utilize BioSys which is

computer-based software that facilitate convenience in conceptualizing and

designing of effective waste-water and sewage treatment plants.


We offer designing, fabrication, installation and commissioning of reliable

sewage treatment plants. To manufacture various components of these

plants, we utilize superior grade raw material such as mild steel sheets.

Our sewage treatment plants use aerobic process for digestion rather than

anaerobic process used in septic systems. We have catered to our clients

for establishing these plants commonly in rural areas where public sewers

are not available that are used for single residence or for a small group of




We offer continuous ETP system which comprises of tank, waste-water inlet
line, an effluent discharge outlet line and an aeration source. Our continuous ETP system has proved to be very effective which provides absolutely requisite output in terms of optimally treating effluent in water. We undertake various activities such as designing, fabrication of different components, erection of the system and commissioning the required location for this efficacious continuous ETP system. This system comprises of a number of qualitative features that are due to our dedication in providing perfect engineering. In order to make this system comparatively more efficient, we have installed aeration chamber at upper part of the tank and a clarification chamber at the lower part which are separated by a common inclined partition. This inclined partition opens into the lower clarification chamber which allows fluid communication between aeration chamber and clarification chamber. In addition to this, a bio-sludge outlet is also attached to bottom part of tank that facilitates quick removal of settled bio-solids. Hence, this ETP system has various features:

• Fast treatment of effluent
• Absolute removal of sludge
• Compact & efficacious design of the system
• Continuous treatment procedure


We offer technically advanced package ETP system that provide its user pre-engineered and pre-fabricated method of treating waste-water with an aerobic process. This packaged waste-water treatment system utilizes biological extended aeration principle of operation which is a variation of the activated sludge treatment process. Our package ETP system has various features including:

• Efficient method of waste-water treatment
• Require comparatively minimum space
• Convenient & simple operation
• Highly efficient & effective operation
• Works on advanced technology
• Robust construction.


We offer effective technical consultancy in order to establish efficacious

winery ETP systems. Here, we undertake winery projects on turnkey basis

in which we work on developing effective and efficient design of plant and

sketch their layout. Adding to proving technical consultancy, we also

manufacture entire system which is erected at the desired site along with

commissioning. These systems are given annual maintenance in order to

ensure their flawless operation. This is our enology consultancy that

comprises of re-engineering of plants.


We offer technical consultancy for designing, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of high performing effluent treatment plants. Our plants are erected in various industries and sectors that successfully cater to effluent treatment needs of customers. Our effluent treatment plant has a special arrangement that facilitates mechanical reduction of solids prior to aeration. When waste-water is allowed to enter into aeration chamber it is mixed with an active biomass in rolling action which results in adequate mixing. Chambers are filleted on each side along the bottom to enhance rolling motion of water which is provided with oxygen by passing diffused air through waste-water. In addition to this, after the process of aeration waste-water flows to clarifiers which has a hopper bottom configuration where solids settle down during the settling period. These solids are returned by airlift pumps to the aeration chamber to maintain maximum efficiency of the biological process. Finally, a skimmer airlift pump is used to return float-able solids and scum to the aeration chamber for further processing. Now, the treated water is made to flow from the clarifier to a disinfections chamber for treatment prior to discharge in order to complete the treatment process. We also utilize tertiary filtration for higher quality of effluent treatment.


We offer scrubbing systems of a host of toxic and corrosive gases in order to meet stringent emission standards for safety to health and environment. This gas scrubbing system has various advantages such as:

• Efficient mode of pollutant removal
• Low pressure drop
• Minimum energy requirement
• Easy flexibility
• High turn down
• Maintenance free
• Noiseless operation
• Minimum man power requirement
• Low payout period as compared to other operations

Our gas scrubbers are cleaning installation in which gaseous components are removed by bringing a fluid in contact. Applicability of the different types of scrubbers is especially stipulated by properties of the gas to purify. Gas scrubber can be classified as flow direction of the gas regarding the fluid these can be also classified as implementation of the transmission section due to its happening with or without deduction.

Advantages of this gas scrubbing are as follows :
• Broad application range
• Very high disposal output
• Compact installation
• Simple in maintenance
• Simple nut effective technology
• Can serve also as refrigeration for warm gas flows (quencher)


We offer reverse osmosis systems that works on osmosis process by which water treatment is done quite effectively. These systems are installed as per the specifications detailed by clients and the site of their selection. Among various options of water treatment such as media filtration, activated carbon filtration, water softening, deionization and many others reverse osmosis is the most reliable option. While other methods remove one impurity or selected group of impurities from contaminated water, our reverse osmosis system ensure to remove every kind of known impurities that are harmful to mankind. This system can be proficiently utilized to upgrade municipal water for medical treatment or to desalinate sea water for municipal uses. Reverse osmosis system has different features as follows:

• Practical & economical way for cleaning water
• System has compact design
• Easy to operate
• Highly energy efficient


We offer technical consultancy for centralized oil filtration system for which

we develop feasible and reliable design. Owing to our capabilities, we also

work for fabrication of various integral parts of this system from superior

grade raw material. This system facilitates filtration work run in easy and

fast way which results in optimum output.